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Terms & Conditions

1. General:
1.1. The u-splash-resort.co.il brand website is a website providing information about the “U Splash Resort Eilat” hotel, which is located in Eilat and is part of the Fattal hotel chain (hereinafter respectively: “Site/Website” and “Hotel”).
1.2. The Site contains a link to the Fattal hotel chain website: www.fattal-hotels.com, through which one can purchase vacations and/or vacation packages at the hotel and/or at the various hotels that comprise the Fattal hotel chain (hereinafter: “Fattal website”), all as detailed on the Site and on the Fattal Site.
1.3. The Site is owned, maintained and operated by Fattal Hotels Ltd., P.C. 51-067881-6 (hereinafter: “Site operator” and/or “Company”).
1.4. Booking a vacation/vacation packages at the hotel or at one of the various hotels owned by the Fattal hotel chain is done through the Fattal Site and as specified therein, in accordance with the Regulations appearing on the Fattal Site and in accordance with the terms of these Regulations.
1.5. Browsing the Site and using it, including filling out of electronic forms on the Site and/or placing an order for any of the services provided by the Site and/or by the Fattal Site, constitutes the User’s consent to all provisions and terms appearing in the Regulations, without any restrictions and/or reservations. User and/or those on its behalf will not have any claim and/or suit, directly and/or indirectly, against the Site and/or against the Fattal Site and/or the Company and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on its behalf.
1.6. The provisions of these Regulations are also applicable to browsing and/or using the Site with any computer or other communication device (cell phones, laptops, etc.).
1.7. Parts of the Site and these Regulations are worded in the male gender for convenience purposes only, but all that is stated in the Regulations and the Site applies to both women and men.
1.8. These Regulations and those of the Fattal website complement each other, and non detract from the other.
1.9. The chapter titles are provided for convenience and orientation only and may not be used for its interpretation.

2. Terms of use of the Site:
2.1. Any person may use the Site, subject to the fulfillment of the cumulative terms set forth below: (a) User is eligible to perform legally binding actions; (B) User is at least 18 years of age; (C) User resides in Israel and has a valid Israeli ID card or holds a passport; (D) User has an email box on the Internet; (E) User has a valid credit card,
2.2. Some of the services provided on the Site are subject to completion of a registration procedure, in the framework of which User will be required, inter alia, to confirm its consent to the terms of service and the provisions of these Regulations, as well as to provide identifying particulars about itself.
2.3. The Company will not be responsible for the content and essence of the information displayed and published on the Site originating from any third parties, and User will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company as a result.
2.4. User hereby declares that it is aware that use of the Site entails many risks, both due to the technology involved and due to the human factors operating through the Internet.
2.5. The Site or its contents may not be used for commercial purposes or any other use, except as specified in these Regulations, without the prior written consent of the Company. For the avoidance of doubt it is clarified that User may use this Website solely for the purpose of ordering and purchasing the services and/or receipt of information from the Company.
2.6. The Company is not responsible for damage of any kind and type that may be caused as a result of failure and/or delay of any kind and/or type, arising from use of the Site and/or an attempt to make such use, including use for the purpose of ordering services and/or information, and User will have no claim and/or a suit and/or demand towards the Company and/or anyone on its behalf in connection with the aforesaid.
2.7. The Company takes all measures to ensure that the information is as true and accurate as possible, but the information does not purport to be a complete, full or detailed analysis of all the issues listed therein and constitutes only general and partial information, based, inter alia, on data acquired by the Company from third parties.
2.8. The information is displayed on the Site as is, the Company and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for the suitability of the information to User’s needs and are not liable to User for its inability to use the information for any reason. User undertakes to be solely responsible for the manner in which it uses the information.

3. Details of the purchaser of services and a link to the order on the Fattal website:
3.1. A user who wishes to purchase services through the Website will be required to enter the details of the desired vacation and will then be transferred to the Fattal Website to book the vacation.
3.2. The remainder of the order details, including User’s personal details, will be entered by User on the Fattal Site, all subject to the provisions of the Fattal Site and the Regulations therein.
3.3. It is clarified that User is only a private user seeking to book a vacation and/or book a service on the Site for personal use and not for the purpose of selling-on the proposed vacation and/or the services offered as a group sale and/or wholesale sale and/or mass sale and/or sale of more than 10 rooms booked in the same hotel and on the same dates. Use of the Website and/or the Fattal Website not for private purposes will entitle the Company to take all measures available to it in accordance with any law against the executor of the group sale operation as aforesaid.
3.4. It is clarified that the Company and/or any of its owners and/or any of its managers and/or any of its employees and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible, in any way, for any error made by User when entering the purchase details on the Site and/or the Fattal Site, including but not limited to, error in choosing the vacation package, date, number of beds, meals and any other service ordered by User through the Site and/or through the Fattal Site, and User hereby declares that it will have no claim and/or suit and/or demand towards them in this regard.
3.5. User is aware that the provision of credit card details in the reservation system on the Fattal Website is made for security purposes only, payment for the purchase shall be executed directly at the hotel on the date of arrival.
3.6. Notwithstanding the aforesaid in Section 3.5 above, on public holidays and peak periods as defined in the Fattal Website Regulations, the Company will be entitled to charge the purchase in advance (the cost of the vacation), with prior notice to User.
3.7. The Company may not approve the order for any reason, at its sole discretion and without having to explain its decision, and User will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company in this matter.
3.8. Without derogating from the above, the Company will be entitled to block any User from using the Site and/or from placing an order in any of the following cases:
3.8.1. If in the opinion of the Site operator and/or the Company User intentionally provided false and/or incorrect information when registering. It is hereby clarified that entering false purchase information is a criminal offense and that the Company and/or Site operator will be entitled to take all the measures available to them under any law against the false registree; Including recourse to the courts for damages caused or that may be caused to the Site, the Company and/or the Site operator and/or to anyone on their behalf.
3.8.2. If the Site operator and/or the Company is of the opinion that User has committed an act and/or omission that damages and/or may damage the Site operator and/or the Company and/or any third parties, including customers of the Site operator.
3.8.3. If the Site operator and/or the Company is of the opinion that User made illegal use of the Site and/or used the Site’s services to commit an illegal act and/or to enable, facilitate, assist and/or encourage the performance of such an act.
3.8.4. If the Site operator and/or the Company is of the opinion that User violated the terms of these Regulations and/or any additional agreement with the Site operator and/or the Company and/or anyone on their behalf.
3.8.5. The credit card held by User has been blocked or restricted in any way
3.9. Cancellation of an order, insofar as is carried out by User, shall be carried out in accordance with what is stated on the Fattal Website, in accordance with its Regulations and in accordance with any law.

4. Reception times and vacating of rooms:
4.1. Receipt of rooms at all of Fattal hotels in Israel on Sundays to Fridays is from 15:00, and on Saturdays and/or public holidays from 18:00.
4.2. Vacating of rooms at all of Fattal hotels in Israel on Sundays to Fridays is by 11:00, and on Saturdays and/or public holidays by 14:00.
4.3. A guest wishing to make a late departure, i.e. vacate its room after 11:00 (on weekdays) or after 14:00 (on Saturdays and holidays) and no later than 20:00, will be able to do so upon arrival at the hotel (“Check-in”) by contacting the hotel staff. Approval of such request is subject to the sole discretion of the hotel, subject to hotel occupancy, approval by the hotel management, and will be charged an additional fee of 150 NIS per room, except in the Tel Aviv and Haifa areas where an additional fee of 200 NIS per room will be charged and at the Herods Vitalis Hotel where an additional 250 NIS per room will be charged. It is hereby clarified that a guest will have no claim and/or suit and/or demand against the Company and/or the hotel and/or anyone on their behalf in respect of such charge, and by applying to the hotel for late departure, the guest agrees to its account being charged the aforesaid late departure fees.
4.4. If the hotel management approves a late departure as stated in Section 4.3 above, and the guest is late in vacating the room after 20:00 of the same day, the guest will be charged an additional fee for such delay to be calculated on the basis of the full rate for an overnight stay at the hotel in accordance with the hotel price list valid at the time.

5. Ownership and Copyright:
5.1. The copyright on the Site and any other module associated with the Site are the property of the Company alone.
5.2. The trademarks and icons, including the logo, displayed on this Site (hereinafter: “Trademarks”) are legally registered as Company copyright and their use as trademarks for any purpose prohibited without the Company’s prior written consent.
5.3. By its browsing of the Site, User hereby declares that it is aware that the trademarks, information and trade secrets associated with the Site are the property of the Company. It is hereby declared that User is not permitted to make any use of the rights belonging to the Company and/or any third party, including copyrights and trademarks exposed during the use and browsing of the Site. The services provided on the Site and all the information contained therein are the property of the Company and are protected according to and under the copyright laws of the State of Israel.
5.4. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish, sell, reproduce, transmit, photograph or modify the information appearing on the Site or any part thereof without the Company’s prior written consent. The provision applies whether the information or part thereof is owned by the Company or owned by a third party, except in cases of downloads for personal and non-commercial use.
5.5. User undertakes not to distort or amend the information in any way, or perform any action that may impair the accuracy and reliability of the information or the Company’s integrity or reputation as holder of the copyright therein, or that of any other party on its behalf.
5.6. In order to link and/or display the Site on other sites on the Internet, so that it constitutes a “linked site”, one must obtain the Company’s prior written approval.

6. Information security and privacy:
6.1. User consent:
6.1.1. User is not obliged to provide the personal information specified below. The browsing of the website, User’s activity therein or the provision of its details, indicates consent to this policy and the use of the information pertaining to User, in accordance with all laws and the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “Privacy Protection Law”). Insofar as User does not agree to this policy, it should avoid continuing to browse the Site or providing its details and contact the Company through one of the means of contact detailed below to enable us to assist in alternative ways to User’s satisfaction.
6.1.2. The purpose of the information collected during browsing and pertaining to User is to manage and streamline the service and the relationship with customers, for operational, marketing, research and statistical purposes; Processing of the information and its transmission within the Company for the purposes listed below, including direct mail and initiating inquiries for the realization of these purposes and subject to the provisions of any law.
6.1.3. The registration on the Site or for any activity of the Company or of the Fattal Group may require the use of a system for sending messages via email or text messages (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.), for verification, identification, or any other action required for managing and operating the Site, the Company or the corporations of the Fattal Group or business entities associated with it, or related services or others. For this purpose, User’s prior consent is required prior to the sending of messages, updates, benefits or offers as necessary.
User is aware that the Company and/or anyone on its behalf may contact it in the future by direct mail based on the data available in such database, in accordance with the consent provided upon registration or when joining one or more Fattal Group services, including in matters not related to these Regulations, as well as contact User with marketing and/or advertising proposals, including regarding updates and offers related to the services of the Company and/or other corporations from the Fattal Group and/or regarding the upgrade of an order placed by User, of any kind and type, using various means of mailing, all subject to the Privacy Protection Law and in accordance with the provisions of the law (hereinafter: “Referrals”). It is clarified that User is entitled, at its request, to be deleted from any of the databases of the Company and/or anyone on its behalf or to instruct that information relating to it not be provided to any person, type of person or certain persons and all for a limited or fixed period of time, by an explicit written notice to the Company, stating its wish to be deleted from the database. It is also hereby clarified that User reserves the right, insofar as it is not interested in receiving referrals, to request the removal of its name from the mailing list for sending referrals, by contacting the Company directly.
6.1.4. User is also aware that information provided by it as stated above and below, may be entered in another database held by the Company (if any), which is used for its direct mailing services and those on its behalf – and the data may be used by the Company and/or on its behalf, subject to legal restrictions and the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law.
6.2. The type of information we collect and its purpose:
6.2.1. This information may include unrecognized browsing, exposure or usage data, which is automatically stored for statistical and aggregate purposes, for the proper management of the Site and the services offered therein, its operation, development and management, improvement of the service, technological improvements, User experience, operation of ancillary services, modification or elimination of existing content or services and other internal, commercial and statistical purposes, including contacting the User, for the purpose of providing services, for the purpose of sending and displaying marketing and advertising content, including by way of displaying personalized advertisements on social networks; Simultaneously, details of User’s Internet service provider may be collected, as well as User’s IP address, location of the device from which registration is made, access times to the service and other technical details that indicate the manner of accessing the Site.
6.2.2. Moreover, when using the Site, and in order for the Company to be able to respond to inquiries forwarded to it, it may request personal information, such as: name, email address, telephone number, details of the inquiry content, payment details, e.g.: credit card or any other information related to the actual purchase of the service and/or transaction, any identifying information pertaining to the User which was provided as part of the registration on the Site as well as any identifying information collected with regards to User whilst browsing the Site, or upon joining a particular campaign or activity of the Company.
6.2.3. cookies (or similar technologies) used on the Site may collect additional information, such as login and exit times from the Site, the website from which the user arrived to the Site, etc.
6.2.4. cookies are files downloaded to the device from which you are browsing the Site (computer, smartphone, etc.) and which store various types of information on your device, including for the purpose of collecting data about the use of the Site, verifying details, to enable proper and thorough operation of the Site, etc. Modern browsers include the option to abstain from accepting cookies and delete cookies.
Above and below, jointly the “Information collected” or “Information”.
6.3. Providing information to a third party
6.3.1. The Company will not transfer User’s personal details to any other party and will not make any use of User’s payment details except for the purpose of executing a payment for a purchase that User requested, as stated on the Fattal Website via a link.
6.3.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may transfer the personal details of a User to a third party, in the following cases: In cases as specified in these Regulations, in accordance with legal obligations, to additional corporations under the Fattal Group to receive services from them, in accordance with User’s request, to operate or purchase services from third parties through the Company and/or through the Fattal Site in order to complete the process and provide service to User, to the Company’s service providers, in order to enable and/or improve the Site and the browsing experience, in order to adapt it to User’s preferences, monitor the nature and scope of Users’ use of the Site and for the purpose of presenting marketing advertisements that may interest User, for the purpose of handling reports or requests by User within the Site or in the framework of participation in an activity or campaign which require cooperation with related service providers, in the event of a legal dispute and/or claim and/or lawsuit between User and a corporation from the Fattal Group – According to a court order or a requirement of a competent authority or for the purpose of preventing the committing of an offense, in order to prevent serious harm to User and/or its property or body or the property of a third party or corporation of the Fattal Group, in the event of a corporate merger with another entity and/or a merger of the Site activity with that of a third party or a merger of databases of the Fattal Group, provided that the new recipient of the information accepts the provisions of this document, with all its restrictions and terms, in any case where User has provided express consent to such.
6.3.3. The information may be transmitted and/or stored outside the borders of Israel in connection with the purposes set out above.
6.4. Information Security
6.4.1. The Company makes use of advanced technological and organizational security measures to secure the information under its control, against accidental or deliberate exploitation, loss, destruction or against access or intrusion by unauthorized or authorized persons and entities.
6.4.2. Despite the advanced measures taken by the Company, it cannot guarantee the total security and protection of the information and cannot guarantee that its servers will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the information stored therein. Thus, the Company is not responsible and will not bear any liability in the event of intrusion or hacking and/or any damage that may be caused which is beyond its control.
6.5. Third party sites
In addition, the Company’s Site and applications may include links to third party sites (such as social networks, payment sites, etc.). If User clicks on a link from a third party, it does so at its own risk, as the Company does not control and is not responsible for the nature of such sites, their terms of use or privacy policy therein. User’s browsing of third-party sites is not subject to this Privacy Policy. It is also recommended that one review the policy of the site to be used.
6.6. Your right to review the information
Under the Privacy Protection Law, User, or anyone acting on its behalf, may browse information held about it which is located in the Company’s databases and even ask the Company to amend this information if it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate. In order to exercise this right, a request must be sent to the Company using one of the contact methods specified in these Regulations.
6.7. Changes to Privacy Policy
The Company reserves the right to change the terms of this document from time to time. In such a case, the change will be automatically updated in the document and published on the Site. Continued browsing of the Site and/or receipt of a service following the publication of such changes will indicate User’s consent to the changes in question, and hence we recommend that you review this document from time to time by the means brought to User’s attention.

7. General
7.1. The number of places in the Company’s hotels is limited and a booking is based on availability only as of the date of its execution.
7.2. The Company is entitled to cancel or amend the booking terms as well as all prices published on the Site and/or on the Fattal Site at any time and this at its sole discretion.
7.3. The Company will be entitled, at its sole discretion and without notice, to change these Regulations, the terms of use of the Site, the structure of the Site, its content and appearance, from time to time, including the scope and availability of the services offered therein and any other aspect of the Site and its operation. The said changes will come into force as of the date of their publication on the Site, and any such change will be valid immediately following its publication and thereafter and will be binding of User unless expressly stated otherwise.
7.4. No double promotions nor discounts are possible in any case when booking through the Site and/or on the Fattal Site, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
7.5. Accommodation in the Company’s hotels is for adults over the age of 18 only; Accommodation for children and youth under the age of 18 is only possible when accompanied by an adult over the age of 21.
7.6. In the context of a booking – “Baby” – up to two years old. “Child” – Between 2-12 years old.
7.7. All images displayed on the Site are for illustration purposes only – since the images are displayed on User’s computer screen and/or printed by User off its computer display, there may be differences and variations between the appearance of the hotels and/or services and/or rooms presented in the images and their appearance in reality.
7.8. The Site contains links (hereinafter: “Links”) to other websites (hereinafter: “Linked sites”). The said links are intended for User’s convenience and for such purpose only. The Company is not responsible for the links and/or the linked sites and/or the information appearing therein, and/or their validity, and/or their veracity and/or legality. Any use and/or accessing of links and/or linked sites is under the sole responsibility of User.
7.9. The Company and/or the Site operator and/or any of their owners and/or managers and/or employees and/or any of them or those on their behalf, will not bear any responsibility for the server through which the Site operates, including to the said server being free of viruses and/or other components which may damage User’s personal computer while browsing the Site and/or purchasing services through the Site and/or any other use thereof, delay and/or postponement in receiving the information due to congestion in communication lines, disruption including omission, error, inaccuracy or outdated information due to disruption and/or a malfunction in the means of communication, hardware, or software in User’s computer systems, or that of the Company or for any other reason; And User will not have any claim and/or suit and/or demand towards the Company and/or towards the Site operator and/or any of their owners and/or any of their managers and/or employees and/or anyone on their behalf in connection with such damages.
7.10. The Company is not responsible for any illegal activity carried out, insofar as is carried out, by any of the Site users and/or any other entity over which it has no control.
7.11. Any dispute and/or disagreement in connection with these Regulations and/or the Website, if and to the extent that such arises, will be addressed in Israel, in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel and in the competent courts in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo only.
7.12. The Site’s Regulations may be found at the Company’s offices at: 94 Yigal Alon St., Migdal Alon 2, 23rd floor, Tel Aviv.
7.13. The Company may be contacted by Telephone on 03-5110000 or for support at email info@fattal.co.il.

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