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Accessibility for people with disabilities

Fattal Hotel Chain cares for guests with disabilities. The chain has been actively improving its solutions for guests with disabilities in its hotels. Our goal is to provide each and every one of our guests with a fun holiday!

• There are 3 accessible rooms
• There are parking spaces for people with disabilities, located 30 meters from the entrance to the hotel
• Dining Room: the dining room is accessible by an elevator
• The swimming pools are accessible through a wheelchair lift from the lobby bar or an accessible path outside the main building.
• Both indoor and outdoor pools are accessible and have handrails, stairs, a ladder, and a pool lift.
• The kids’ club is accessible through the inner pool area.
• The synagogue is accessible through an accessible path.
• An accessible reception desk is located next to the main front desk.
• Accessible toilets: reception lobby, outdoor pool, water park
• Kits for the hearing impaired are located in all hotel desks and food and drinks stations
• On busy days, guests with disabilities usually get faster service upon checking in and out.

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